How to trade safely

In international business there are many unscrupulous businessmen, usually they will exaggerate the effectiveness of the equipment, give you a good price and even tell you “we are the manufacturer”, after getting your money they will look for the machine, maybe the machine is the same as what they showed you, maybe not.

Then they will give the purchase order to the manufacturer and some traders will lower the configuration of the machine to make more profit, even if you have tested the machine, they will change the parts before shipping.

Especially with tube laser cutting machines, such as different controller and software, different versions of the same controller, the price will be much different. what they told you is the brand, but they will not tell you the version, it is same in servo motor, rails…

Both the manufacturer and the purchaser are victims. How can you ensure the safety of your machine purchase?

1: try to do business with manufacturer.

2: test the machine term by term, part by part.

3: check the main configartion and make mark on every important parts

4: check again before package & purchase(living video if possible)

5: visit the supplier with professional team for factory inspection, business license, registered address, office situation

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