LFH series metal laser cutter


LFH1530, LFH1560, LFH2040,LFH2060

Price range

$4580.00 -$10,000.00/ Set

Laser system

IPG/Raycus/maxfiber 1000w-12000w

Rating Scale


machine ability

0-30mm steel cutting, 0-20 stainless cutting

Cutting size


Payment Terms

30% deposit, full payment after machine test

(1) 1000-30000w fiber laser source for selection. This metal laser machine was developed by PCL Group for medium and thin plate processing.

(2)High cutting speed. This metal laser cutting machine is driven by double rack and pinion on the Y-axis, which ensures high cutting speed of machine operation.

(3) Well-known main components. Stable and easily available components, such as this Panasonic servo motor, Taiwan silver rail, German frame.

(4) Reasonable price and high ROI. Most users can pay back the cost within one year.


Laser powerCarbon steelStainlessAluminumCopper

Advanced professional CNC laser system with fast system response and fast processing procedure. It has high anti-interference ability and control precision. Equipped with CNC servo system to control the operation stably. In addition, it has good automatic diagnosis, self-adaptation and anti-virus capability.

  1. High Precision: Fiber lasers provide exceptional cutting precision due to their small focal spot size and high beam quality. This enables intricate and precise cuts, resulting in clean edges and minimal heat-affected zones.

  2. Speed and Productivity: Fiber lasers offer high cutting speeds, allowing for rapid production and increased productivity. The concentrated laser beam delivers energy to the material efficiently, enabling faster cutting processes compared to traditional methods like plasma cutting or mechanical cutting.

  3. Versatility: Fiber lasers can effectively cut a wide range of metals and alloys, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and more. They can handle varying thicknesses with ease, making them versatile for different applications.

  4. Non-Contact Cutting: Fiber lasers utilize a non-contact cutting process, which eliminates the need for physical contact with the material. This reduces the risk of material deformation, minimizes the need for additional finishing processes, and prevents tool wear.

  5. Minimal Material Waste: The narrow kerf width of fiber lasers allows for precise cutting and reduces material waste. The ability to nest parts closely together on the metal sheet optimizes material usage, resulting in cost savings.

  6. Low Operating Costs: Fiber lasers are highly energy-efficient and have lower operating costs compared to other cutting methods. They require less power consumption, have longer maintenance intervals, and do not require expensive consumables such as gas or laser resonators.

  7. Automation and Integration: Fiber laser cutting machines can be easily integrated into automated manufacturing processes. They can be programmed to perform complex cutting patterns, allowing for high levels of automation and increased efficiency.

  8. Safer Operation: Fiber lasers are enclosed within a protective housing, ensuring operator safety by preventing direct exposure to the laser beam. Additionally, fiber lasers generate less noise, dust, and fumes compared to other cutting methods, creating a safer working environment.

All kinds of metal cutting

High precision, fast cutting

laser cut stainless

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