DF series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

steel laser cutting machine


Machine features:


1. High precision. Laser cutting kerf is narrow and the cut surface is smoother, without rounded corners and mechanical undercutting often have a burr (the shortcomings of traditional cutting), cutting deformation is small.

2. Fast speed. The size of the fiber optic power affects the speed of cutting, improve the power of the fiber optic will also improve the cutting speed.

3. High efficiency. Laser cutting is non-contact processing (advantages), no mechanical punching impact (the disadvantages of traditional cutting), so there is no cutting tool wear phenomenon, cutting once formed, no subsequent processing.

4. Good flexibility. No need for tools and abrasives, combined with CAD technology, can cut any shape and size of the plate, especially suitable for cutting complex parts.

5. Easy to use. The cutting can be realized by importing the graphics and setting the parameters in the computer, and it is easy to learn.

6. Low maintenance cost. Almost no maintenance cost for later use, only need to replace the cooling water regularly.

Technological parameters:

Machine ModelDF series Fiber laser cutting machine
Max. working area1500×3000/6000mm, 2000X4000/6000mm
LaserRaycus/IPG / max fiber laser system
Cutting thickness0-40mm
Laser wavelength1080nm
Rated power10-100%
Laser power injection1.6KW
Water chiller power6000
X,Y-axis location accuracy±0.01mm
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy±0.01mm
X,Y-axis fast moving speed30m/min
X,Y-axis max. cutting speed20m/min
Min. cutting line width0.02
Max. cutting speed12m/min
Whole machine floor space5.0×3.5×1.5m

1kw-30kw laser cutting system can be choosed

Advanced and professional CNC laser system, The system responds quickly, and it deals with program shortly. It enjoys high anti-jamming capability as well as high control accuracy. Equipped with CNC servo system, it steadily controls the operation. Besides, it’s well capable of auto-diagnosis, self-adaptability and antivirus protection.

Laser powerCarbon steelStainlessAluminumCopper

High-precision fiber laser cutting machine body with Independent developed patent. 40mm thick steel plated welded, professional heat dispersing technology, no deformation in long-term usage. pneumatic exchange worktable

steel laser cutting machine,stainless,DF,20KW,30KW laser

6KW 12KW 20KW 30KW laser cutting