What is the steel beam?

Steel beams are a type of structural steel common in building and construction. They can be fabricated in an array of different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements in steel fabrication.

How to choose our CNC beam cutting machine

The metal fabrication work is the cutting, bending, drilling, marking and shaping, welding, usually we will choose plasma/air to cut steel beam, but plasma/ air drilling, marking is perfect, now laser cutting machines solve this problem perfectly. for cutting off, cutting shapes, the plasma air cutting machine is the best tool, economical, fast. for drilling, marking, you can choose laser cutting machine.

Always one fit you

h beam cutting
Robotic plasma cutting machine
h beam cutting
HS series plasma cutting machine
All pipe cnc cutting machine
5 axis CNC plasma cutting machine
auto feeding system
LTA CNC tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cnc machine
LT CNC Tube laser cutting machine
pipe profile
CNC 8 axis plasma cutting machine

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