cnc pipe cutting bevel machine

6 axis CNC pipe cutting bevelling machine

6-axis large diameter pipe cutting machine offers several advantages over traditional pipe cutting methods. Here are some of the key advantages:

Versatility: The 6-axis capability allows the machine to move and position the cutting head in multiple directions. This versatility enables cutting complex shapes, angles, and contours on pipes of various sizes and diameters. It offers greater flexibility in producing intricate cuts, bevels, notches, and other profiles on pipes.

Precision and Accuracy: With six axes of motion, the machine can precisely control the movement of the cutting head, resulting in highly accurate and consistent cuts. This level of precision is especially critical for applications that require tight tolerances, such as in industries like aerospace, automotive, or oil and gas.

Increased Productivity: The advanced capabilities of a 6-axis machine allow for faster and more efficient pipe cutting. It can perform multiple operations in a single setup, eliminating the need for manual repositioning or additional machining steps. This leads to improved productivity, reduced cycle times, and increased throughput.

Complex Geometries: The 6-axis capability enables the machine to cut complex geometries, including miters, chamfers, saddle cuts, and compound angles. This is particularly beneficial for industries that deal with piping systems requiring intricate connections or joints, such as in HVAC, shipbuilding, or structural fabrication.

Automation and Integration: 6-axis large diameter pipe cutting machines can be integrated into automated production lines or CNC workflows. This allows for seamless coordination with other machines or robotic systems, optimizing the overall manufacturing process and reducing labor requirements. Automation also reduces the potential for human error and improves safety.

Cost Efficiency: While the initial investment in a 6-axis machine may be higher compared to traditional methods, it can lead to long-term cost savings. The machine’s accuracy and efficiency reduce material waste and minimize the need for rework. Additionally, the increased productivity and automation capabilities contribute to overall cost-effectiveness in large-scale production environments.

Model6 axis plasma pipe cutting bevel machine
length12000mm or 15000mm
diameter40-1200mm, or 40-2000mm
Lathe bed Industry High preicion machine body
Machine Power8.5kw
Working voltage380V three phase/ 60hz
Reposition precision0.02mm
Processing precision0.1mm
Maximum cutting speed12000mm/min
Torch Height control modeAutomatically height adjusting system
Plasma power supplyChina LGK 63A/100A/120A/160A/200A
Control systemSTARfire
MotorsJapan Servo motor
SoftwareSolidworks, 3D CAD, Tekla structure
Plasma Air PressureMax.0.8Mpa
Working Temperature-10°C-60°C. Relative Humidity, 0-95%.

Born for large diameter round tube cutting and beveling

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