Steel beam and tubes CNC Plasma gas cutting machine

H beam is a structural beam made of rolled steel. It is incredibly strong, Due to it’s slightly different cross-section shape, thicker central web and wider flanges, H beams can bear larger loads. H Beams are commonly used in the construction of buildings, large trailers and bridges.

So, we need a machine that can fast cut the H beam, CNC air plasma cutting machine is suitable to cut H/I beam, steel box;small steel pipes and profile, Laser cutting machine will be good choose.

For different steel structure cutting demands, Our machine reliaze one machine cutting different steel stainless structures.

CNC tube and beam Plasma gas cutting Machine you can choose

H beam cutting machine
8 axis plasma cutting machine
  • Rotary chucks
  • 800mm diameter pipes, 550mm square, channel, angle and beam
  • cutting bevelling
h beam cutting machine image
HS series plasma cutting machine
  • Rotary cutting system, fast feeding system
  • 500mm diameter pipes, 350mm steel tube,channel, angle, and beam
  • Cut, no bevel
h beam cutting
H series plasma cutting machine
  • Steel channel, steel beam(I beam, H beam), steel angle
  • max width:800mm
  • Cutting and beveling
Robot H beam cutting machine
Robotic plasma cutting machine
  • Adopt 6 axis fast robot and automatical feeding system, steel tube, steel channel,angle, and beam
  • Cutting and beveling

H beam CNC laser cutting machine optional

tube laser

Meet all of your requirements

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h beam cutting
Robotic plasma cutting machine
h beam cutting
HS series plasma cutting machine
All pipe cnc cutting machine
5 axis CNC plasma cutting machine
tube laser cutter
LTA CNC tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cnc machine
LT CNC Tube laser cutting machine
pipe profile
CNC 8 axis plasma cutting machine

Must have in your workshop

LF laser cutting stainless image
LHF CNC laser cutting machine​
gantry laser cutting machine
GF Fiber laser cutting machine​
DF metal laser cutting machine image1
DF Fiber laser cutting machine
P series plasma cutting machine
Desk plasma cutting machine​

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