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H beam and Tube cnc cutting machine

One machine meet all kinds of Tube and beam cutting in steel fabrcation.

Advantage: CNC controller, Nestsoftware, 3D solidworks design. H/I/C beam, U profile, steel channel, steel tubeing, steel angle cutting

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HS series CNC beam and pipe cutting machine provides H/L/C beam cutting solutions, and pipeline cutting solution. It’s control and programming software are based on Windows operating system. which can generate CNC codes from drawings and it save operators and engineers time. 

HS series plamsa gas tube and beam cutting machine is widely used in steel structure, construction, shipbuilding, offshore engineering, elevator manufacture, glass wall installation, bridge and tower construction, and heavy equipment industries. After adding moving axis on torch, HS series cutting machine an cut all types of bevels for welding process. This machine can be customized to special specifications and applications

  • Multi-axis linkage moving system, suitable for cutting various of H-shaped steel, channel steel, L-shaped steel, and T-shaped steel profiles.
  • shot blasting treatment, baking paint process, paint adhesion is stronger, more durable;
  • controller system have the drawing library, Just import the corresponding parameters, can achieve all kinds of steel and graphics cutting;
  • moving feeding cylinder clamping have greater clamping force, suitable for heavy H steel and larger size profile cutting;
  • pendulum shaft using harmonic reducer, more stable, not shaking gun;
  • lifting rod is thick and rigid;
  • The feeding table adopts High-precision guide rail bilateral Panasonic servo drive,improve the feeding efficiency, ensure the accuracy of the feed.

CNC beam Tube cutting machine parameter(H500S)

Cutting arrange

Diameter: 500mm

Steel box: 350X350mm

Rectangle pipe: 400X200mm

H/I Beam, C/U channel, steel angle, steel channel, tubes, (Big size,please contact)
cutting length12 meterscustomized
moving systemservo motorJapan
Feeding systemHigh-precision pushing mode Automatically centering
softwareNest softwareTubemasterV3
cutting modeplasma cuttingLGK, Hypertherm
cutting abilityaccording to plasma powerCan change other plasma system or air cutting system

Fast feeding, Automatic Alignment System

All kinds of Tubes and beam cutting

3D plasma gas tube cutting works-one machine meet all cutting demands.

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