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Full automatic laser tube cutting machine

Auto feeding system,Continuous cutting

The fully automatic loading system is controlled by CNC system and seamlessly connected to the laser pipe cutting machine for lifting the whole bunch of pipes. The control system intelligently divides and combines the tubes to automatically convey the process. One by one, the tube parts are delivered to the position where they need to be inspected for automatic measurement, saving manual loading and unloading costs and improving work efficiency.

Auto-feeding system A

Auto-feeding system B

CNC Tube laser cutting machine parameter

Maximum cut pipe length6000~15000mm
Cut pipe diameter15~800mm choose
Minimum tailings≥0
X, Y axis positioning accuracy±0.05/1000mm
X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy±0.03/1000mm
Acceleration 0.8g m/s²
Maximum operating speed60 m/min
total chuck weight500KG
Chuck rated speed60 RPM
Installed weight about18500 KG
Mainframe shape18000×6000×2500mm
Laser power1000w-6000w