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why choose the fiber laser cnc cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine melt and pierce metals by uses a type of solid-state concentrated laser, When this powerful laser hits the metal surface, the high-intensity light is absorbed and converted into heat, which melts the surface. it is a precise and efficient cutting tool.

The Fiber laser cutters can cut a range of materials and thicknesses depending on laser power. maxmum cutting thickness can be 40mm.

As an advanced cutting and punching tool, the fiber laser machine has many advantages in punching, cutting accuracy, operating costs and environmental protection. These aspects are specified below:

Punching Advantages:
Fiber laser machines allow for efficient and precise punching operations. By adjusting the focal position and power of the laser beam, holes of different diameters and shapes can be easily realized. Compared to traditional mechanical punching, fiber laser machines do not require tooling changes, which reduces preparation time and tooling costs. Moreover, fiber laser punching produces very high quality holes with smooth edges that are less prone to burrs.

Cutting precision advantages:
Fiber laser machines offer excellent precision and accuracy in the cutting process. By focusing the beam and precisely controlling the laser output power, very fine cutting widths can be achieved, resulting in very fine cutting lines. This high-precision cutting characteristic makes fiber lasers excellent for manufacturing complex shaped parts and products.

Operating Cost Advantages:
Fiber laser machines typically have low operating costs over a long period of time. Compared to traditional cutting methods, fiber laser cutting does not require tool changes and extensive maintenance, reducing downtime and repair costs. Also, fiber laser cutting does not require the consumption of additional cutting media such as cutting oil or oxygen, reducing the cost of auxiliary materials.

Environmental Protection Advantages:
Fiber laser cutting is an environmentally friendly cutting method. It does not produce harmful gases, wastewater or dust, thus reducing pollution to the environment. In addition, since fiber laser cutting does not require auxiliary media such as cutting oils and does not emit volatile organic compounds, there are no odors that are harmful to the health of workers during operation.

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