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5 axis CNC plasma tube cutting machine

pipe cutting machine



square plasma cutting
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A tube plasma cutting machine is a type of industrial equipment used for cutting and shaping metal tubes such as round tube, square tube, rectangle tube

Different cutting size you can choose

Max diameter300mm400mm500mm600mm800mm
Max width212mm282mm353mm425mm565mm
Length choose6/12/15 meter

Tube plasma cutting machines are used in a variety of industries, such as metal fabrication, construction, and automotive manufacturing, to cut tubes and pipes into precise shapes and sizes. They are especially useful for cutting complex shapes, such as angles and curves, that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional cutting tools.

how plasma cutter work

Plasma cutting machines offer several advantages when it comes to cutting shapes

  1. Versatility: this 5 axis tube Plasma cutting machines are highly versatile and can cut a wide range of shapes, including round tube, square tube, rectangle tube, C-profile, U-profile.
  2. Speed: Plasma cutting is a fast cutting process, allowing for efficient production rates when cutting tubes. compared to other cutting methods. This speed helps to improve productivity and reduce production time.
  3. Precision: Plasma cutting machines can achieve high levels of precision and accuracy when cutting tubes. The machines are often equipped with advanced CNC systems that provide precise control over the cutting process. This allows for intricate and complex cuts, such as bevels, miters, and contours, with tight tolerances.
  4. Smooth cuts and minimal distortion: Plasma cutting machines produce clean and smooth cuts on tubes. The high-temperature plasma arc melts the metal, resulting in minimal distortion and heat-affected zones along the cut edges. This is particularly important when working with tubes that require precise fittings or welding joints.
  5. Flexibility in cutting angles and shapes: Plasma cutting machines offer the flexibility to cut tubes at various angles and shapes. The multi-axis capabilities of these machines allow for bevel cuts, miter cuts, and complex contours along the tube’s surface. This versatility is beneficial for applications that require specific angles or intricate designs.


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