Robotic plasma air cutting machine

Plasma robot cutting machine can cut all kinds of tubes and steel beams, steel angle, steel channel

  • 6 axis roboic arm 
  • Auto-feeding system
  • Plasma air cutting system
  • laser scanning system
robotic plasma cutter

Why choose our robotic plasma cutting machine

6 axis fast robot

6-axis fast robots offer the perfect combination of precise trajectory control, extensive reach, high speed and compact size. thus, Our Robot offer the possibility of working on large-scale parts, with high accuracy and speed, at lower costs than traditional CNC cutting tools.

H beam cutting machine

Auto feeding system

  • High work efficiency, suitable to load pipes and beams fastly
  • Red positioning system: automatically correct the cutting, keep high cutting precision
  • pneumatic fixture system, can move heavy pipes and beam

Control system

High developed All pipe and beam cutting code, save your time of progamming.
Teach function with technics parameter, easier to operate (NewKer feature)
Only one cable come out from controller, easier to connect (Bus type feature)
Multilevel random password protection, more safety

H Beam Gas Cutting Machine Image show
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Cutting samples

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