Air duct LFS CNC laser cutting machine

auto feeding laser cutting machine

 air duct laser cutting machine is a specialized tool used for cutting and shaping metal sheets or other materials commonly used in air duct fabrication. The machine utilizes laser technology to achieve precise and efficient cutting with various benefits, including high cutting speeds, accuracy, and versatility.

the air duct laser cutting machine streamlines the fabrication process, reducing production time and improving the quality of air duct systems used in HVAC installations and industrial applications.

different roller can take different thickness coils

in order to laser cutting, level the coils to be steel plate

maxphotonics, raycus laser cutting system choose, 1000w-3000w

Laser cutting machine parameter

Machine Model
LFS series laser cutting machine
Laser power
Working area
Laser source
Motor and driver
Yaskawa servo motor
Repeat positioning accuracy
Max speed
Max acceleration
Voltage and frequency
380v 50hz/60hz/60A

Air duct software,minimalist duct design solution and intelligent cutting system

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