6 axis robot+fiber laser system

The combination of a fiber laser and a 6-axis robot allows for the integration of cutting and welding, offering the benefits of high flexibility and automated production. This integrated system is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially for applications requiring complex shape cutting and precision welding. Following are some of the advantages of this integrated system:

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1. Flexibility.
Multi-tasking: The combination of a fiber laser and a 6-axis robot enables the system to handle multiple tasks, including cutting and welding, adapting to different production needs.
2. High Accuracy.
Precision Control: The 6-axis robot has highly flexible joints for precise motion control. Combined with the high-precision focus of the fiber laser, the system is capable of high-precision cutting and welding.
3. Automation.
Production Line Integration: This all-in-one system can be integrated into an automated production line to realize a highly automated production process. Robots can automatically perform tasks according to a predefined program, increasing productivity.
4. Complex Geometry Handling.
Robot Flexibility: The flexibility of 6-axis robots allows them to handle complex geometries, whether in cutting or welding tasks. This is an advantage when dealing with irregularly shaped workpieces.
5. Integrated Controls: Working Together
Synergy: The integrated control system synergizes the movements of the laser and the robot, ensuring that they work in tandem. This facilitates seamless integration and efficient operation.
6. Fast task switching.
Multi-tasking: This system allows for fast switching between cutting and welding tasks to accommodate different product manufacturing needs, thus increasing equipment utilization.
7. Quality control: real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring: Fiber lasers and robotic systems are often equipped with real-time monitoring and quality control features that monitor the quality of the weld and make real-time adjustments to ensure consistent weld quality.
8. Cost Savings.
Combined benefits: All-in-one cutting and welding systems allow for the integration of multiple processes, which saves on equipment and maintenance costs and reduces production costs.
This all-in-one fiber laser and 6-axis robotic system offers significant benefits in terms of productivity, precision and flexibility for a wide range of industries, including metal fabrication, automotive manufacturing, aerospace and more.

welding cutting in one robot