CNC Gantry laser cutting machine

gantry laser cutting machine

Large format cnc gantry laser cutting machine has a super-large format cutting table can be customized according to the demand for different lengths of processing width, can be cut on super-long and large special size materials, to achieve the overall processing of super-long workpiece in addition to large format cnc gantry laser cutting machine using floor track segmented bed and bed each section with smoke extraction device, with the smoke exhaust environmental protection and safety features.

Large plates can be easily accommodated by gantry laser cutting machines due to their spacious work area. The size of the machine and its cutting capacity will vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, it is common to find gantry laser cutting machines that can handle plates several meters long and wide.

CNC gantry laser cutting machines are an excellent choice for cutting large plates, thanks to their precision, efficiency, and ability to handle different materials.

12kw-30KW Laser power

large plate cutting drilling

fast, clean cutting

gantry kits

When the size of metal sheet is more than 6 meters, it will be a hard work to lift the sheet to the desk laser cutting machine, and the gantry laser cutting machine can solve this problem.

The large cutting size ensures that the sheet is shaped as a whole, eliminating the need for splicing processing and increasing the utilization of the sheet.


Aviation aluminum profile cutting gantry beams, light weight, strong rigidity, fast moving speed

GF series cnc gantry fiber laser cutting machine

Cutting width2500mm3000mm3500mm
Cutting length6 meter/14meter
Cutting thickness0-50mm
Laser power6000w/12000w/20000w/30000w

6KW-30KW fiber laser cutting system, the maximum cutting thickness can reach 50 mm

fiber tube laser

Built-in professional exhaust and cleaning system

exhaust system

12KW-3KW laser power choose-for thick metal cutting