pipe plasma cutting machine

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1:This pipe plasma cutting machine realizes 5-axis linkage moving, and the axis can be expanded
2: Support position control mode, pulse output mode: direction/pulse or double pulse.
3: Operation control card, can achieve motion interpolation, more stable.
4: can cut all kinds of pipes, steel angle, steel channel

pipe profile cutting machine software
Machine Controller
I Beam Cutting Machine Image3
Items Parameters 
Cutting diameterΦ= 60mm~800mm, or others
Channel and profile width50mm ~ 450mm  or others
Cutting length6m-15m or others
Cutting method Plasma / air
Plasma cutting wall thickness According to plasma power source 
Flame cutting wall thickness  60mm-100mm
Plasma cutting thickness 0-40mm according to plasma source
Requirements of the workpiece ovality≤1%
Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
Move speed10~6000 mm/min
For maximum weight cut tube5000Kg
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