Robot H beam cutting machine

All pipe and beam cutting robot

Steel beam cut

can cut all kinds of steel beam Such as H beam, I beam, C beam

Steel box cut

can cut all kinds of steel box, steel channel

All pipes cut

suitable to cut big pipes, can bevel

6 axis fast robot

Fast, stable, no maintenance

Auto feeding system

High work efficiency, suitable to load pipes and beams fastly

Red positioning sytem

automatically correct the cutting, keep high cuttign precision

closed working house

automatical exhaust system, environment protection, security

H beam cutting machine
8 axis plasma cutting machine
steel beam process
steel channel box process

steel pipe process

Our Featured Products

fast, stable, no maintenance

keep Continuous work for a long time

Get rid of complex 3D design work

Plasma cutting system choose

German Kjellberg plasma cutting system
US Hypertherm plasma cutting system
Chinese LGK plasma cutting system