CNC Pipe and plate plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutter

The pipe and plate integrated plasma cutting machine is a cutting machine specialized in cutting the combination of pipes and plates. It combines the functions of a pipe cutting machine and a plate cutting machine to enable high-precision cutting and processing of the one-piece pipe and plate structure. This type of machine is particularly useful in the manufacturing field for making various types of heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, and other equipment in which pipes and plates are tightly combined.

3 axis cnc tube  and  sheet plasma cutting machine,  realize the steel tube cutting work and steel sheet cutting work by one machine

Technical Parameters
PT series Plasma cutting machine
100A , 120A , 200A,300A
Cutting Area
2500*1300mm , 3000*1500mm , 4000*2000mm , 6000*2000mm ( Option )
Max Cutting Speed
Electrical Supplier
380V 50HZ / 3 Phase
Reposition precision
Processing precision
Torch Height control mode
Motor Type
 Servo Motor
Electromagnetic Collision Avoidance Function
European CE

Highly automated: these cutting machines are usually equipped with advanced CNC control systems that enable automated cutting based on CAD drawings, reducing operator intervention and increasing productivity.

Pipe and plate combination cutting: It has the ability to cut pipes and plates at the same time, which ensures the precision and consistency of the pipe and plate combination, making the parts more accurate during assembly.

Fast cutting speed: The integrated design makes the cutting process more efficient, thus increasing production speed.

Cutting quality: plasma cutting technology has high cutting quality, enabling smooth cutting edges and reducing the need for subsequent processing.

Material adaptability: It is applicable to a variety of common metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc., and can meet the needs of different industrial fields.

Time and labor saving: Compared with traditional manual cutting, the one-piece plasma cutting machine can significantly reduce labor and time costs.

Multi-functionality: All-in-one plasma cutting machines are usually equipped with plate processing, punching and slotting functions, which increase their application range and flexibility.


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