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All tube plasma cnc cutting machine

  • Round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe, steel angle process
  • 5-8 axis moving system choose
  • support kinds of 3D design & nest software in steel fabrication, such as Tekla,Solidworks, 3D CAD
  • Customized cutting size and length
  • Door to Door installation and service
Pipe Profile Cutting Machine Image

Superior cutting technology, creating unlimited possibilities! Welcome to our world of plasma pipe and sheet metal cutting machines, presenting you with highly accurate and efficient cutting solutions. Whether you are in pipe fabrication, structural engineering, or other metal fabrication fields, our cutting machines will help you stand out in the competitive market!

Functional Features
🔸 HIGH PRECISION CUTTING: Adopting advanced plasma technology to achieve precise cutting accuracy down to the millimeter level, ensuring that your pipe sheet meets the design requirements.

🔸 Fast and Efficient: excellent cutting speed, saving your valuable production time, improving work efficiency and making your production line more efficient.

🔸 AUTOMATIC CONTROL: Intelligent CNC system for easy programming and automatic control, reducing manual intervention, minimizing error rates and improving consistency.

🔸 Versatile application: Suitable for all kinds of tubes and plates, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc., to meet your diversified cutting needs.

🔸 Safe and Reliable: Strict safety measures safeguard operator safety with high reliability, giving you peace of mind in the production process.

Application Fields
✅ Pipeline Manufacturing: Precision cutting of pipelines ensures the quality of connections and improves the reliability and durability of pipeline systems.

✅ Structural engineering: precision cutting of structural components to ensure assembly accuracy, save man-hours and optimize project progress.

✅ Metal Processing: suitable for cutting various metal materials, providing a comprehensive solution for your manufacturing business.

8 axis plasma cNC cutting machine

  • Dia:40mm-600mm round pipe
  • Width length: 450mm steel channel, steel box, steel angle, steel beam 
  • 6-15 meter length
  • cutting and bevel

CNC 5 axis plasma cutter

  • dia:40mm-600mm round pipe,
  • Width length: 450mm steel channel, steel box, steel angle cutting

Robotic beam cutting machine

  • Dia:40mm-1200mm round pipe
  • Width length: 40-1200mm steel channel, steel box, steel angle, steel beam 
  • 6-15 meter length
  • cutting and bevel

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