H beam production line

h beam production line

This is a special machine for H beam direct assembling, welding, and straightening, it combines assembly machine, automatic welding machine and straightening machine into one machine, thus improves productivity, reduces cost, and saves the installation space. It can produce H-beam and T-beam with high efficiency.

NO.ItemTechnique data
1Flange width150-800mm
2Flange thickness6-40mm
3Web height200-1800mm
4Web thickness6-32mm
5H beam length4000-15000 ㎜
6Assembly and welding speed200-2000mm/min
7Workpiece height200-2000mm
8Workpiece length4000-15000mm
9Welding speed150-1500mm/min
10Main machine power17.5kW
11Roller conveyor motor power0.75*4=6kW
12Flux recycling machine motor power3*2=6kW
13Pump station power4kW
14Welding source power69kW*2=138kW

1. The assembling host adopts the structure of heavy duty assembling machine, and the web wing plate is automatically aligned and positioned, which makes the assembling accuracy and assembling efficiency significantly improved.

2. The solid welding gun fixing mechanism is set independently, which can not only adjust the height and horizontal moving position, but also adjust the angle of the welding gun in two directions to ensure the beautiful forming of the welding seam.

3. The correction auxiliary machine has a unique design structure, two correction wheels can actively correct the workpiece under the loss of oil cylinder, and the correction mechanism will not block the line of sight at the welding seam, which makes the adjustment of the welding gun and the observation of the quality of the welding seam very convenient.

4. The assembled main machine can be disassembled from the straightening auxiliary machine to be used separately as assembled welding machine or assembling machine.

5. The correction auxiliary machine can be used as a small correction machine after modification.

6. The processing equipment adopts imported linear guide rail, the main body processing accuracy 2-3 silk, to ensure the accuracy of the production of h-beam.

7. The use of inverter welding machine, save 25-35% of electricity, two years can save a collocation welding correction.

H beam Assembling, welding, straightening-one machine