H beam cutting machine

H beam plasma air cutting machine can cut all kinds of pipes and beams, please contact us for quotation.

CNC H Beam plasma gas Cutting Machine is popular with steel structure,shipbuilding and chemical works industries Gas cutting, does not have the height error problem.

Gas torch and plasma torch is customizd, it is very slender, when cut Beam, the torch can be very close to flange, then incline to cut, let our H beam plasma cutting machine can cut very clean, the remained thickness is very small.

cutting Material: H-beam , Angle steel , channel steel , round pipe, steel box.

8 Axis Servo Control, 360 degree cutting in one process, and can cut any angle

New generation automatic h beam cutting machine system

Surper intelligent control and intelligent automation:Industry PC control system, Fast nestsoftware, 3D design software.

pipe profile cutting machine software
Machine Controller
I Beam Cutting Machine Image3

Machine Parameter

Model8 axis All pipe beam cutting machine
FunctionBeam cutting, Box cutting, Profile cutting, bevel cutting
Cutting Diameter/Side Length40mm-500mm
cutting modelPlasma source Powermax125 (according to your demands) OXY-fue 6-100mm
Cutting ThicknessPlasma cutting: 0-35mm OXY-Fuel cutting: 6-100mm
Cutting Length6000mm/12000mm
Pipe’s Ovality≤1%
Cutting speed10~6000mm/min
Moving speed4500 mm/min
Max-weight of pipe3000Kg
pipe Skew angle10Ο-170Ο
Bevel cutting range(5 axis , 6 axis square pipe cutting machine)flame 60 degree ,plasma 45 degree(need 6 axis square pipe steel machine)
Accuracy Error0.2Ο/360Ο
Cutting Accuracy±0.5mm/4000mm
Positioning Accuracy±0.25mm/8000mm
Re-positioning Accuracy±0.20/8000mm

Machine Configuration

No.The Name of Product PartModels and specifications
1CNC Control SystemPCL 8 axis plasma cutting controller
2Plasma GeneratorPowermax125 Or others
3Drive system / motorJapan Panasonic servo motor and driver
4gear boxJapan Shimpo
5Linear guide way ,rack and pointImported from German
6Plasma Cutting torchHigh precision plasma torch

machine cutting samples

Automatic H Beam Cutting Machine image1
H Beam Gas Cutting Machine image
I Beam Cutting Machine image2