plasma cutting machine for pipe

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pipe cutting plasma machine ,the rolling bed is processed by gantry milling machine.ensure the accuracy and stability .

The centre -height of the chuck is floating adjustable ,using method as chuck floating without moving of pipe ,to improve the cutting precision.

Highly intelligent and automated CNC system

pipe profile cutting machine software
Machine Controller
I Beam Cutting Machine Image3
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1Cutting diameterΦ= 600 mm to 1200 mm
2Plasma bevel thickness40mm
3Plasma sourceLGK, Hypertherm,Kjellberg
4Plasma cutting thickness of pipe wall40mm (according to Plasma source)
5Valid cutting length12000mm
6Requirements of angle≤1%
7Cutting speed10~2000mm/min
8Moving speed10~6000 mm/min
9Cutting torch wave angle of axisα=±45°
10Cutting torch wave angle of diameterβ=±45°
11Can be cutting pipe max. Weight61000Kg