DF1530 fiber laser cutting machine

Machine features:

1, High speed, high precision, high efficiency and low cost

2, Easy on operation, fiber optical path, without tediously adjustment on optical path

3, Compact structure, good sealing, strongly adaptable to changes in the environment.

4, With the perfect automatic nesting system which can save time, save the materials, the sheet utilization ratio up to 95%

Technological parameters:

Machine ModelFiber laser cutting machine DF1530
Max. working area1500×3000mm
LaserRaycus/IPG 1000w/2000w fiber laser
Cutting thickness0.2-7mm stainless steel / 0.2-12mm carbon steel
Laser wavelength1080nm
Rated power10-100%
Laser power injection1.6KW
Water chiller power6000
X,Y-axis location accuracy±0.01mm
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy±0.01mm
X,Y-axis fast moving speed30m/min
X,Y-axis max. cutting speed20m/min
Min. cutting line width0.02
Max. cutting speed12m/min
Whole machine floor space5.0×3.5×1.5m
IPG fiber laser system and fiber laser cutting head
fiber laser cutting machine servo motor
Big Format Fiber Laser Cutting Tool

Our machine tool made compliance with the machine tool basestandard, before assembling each machine tool, they are to be aged aiming at durableness and no deformation, our worktable can stand 1000KG mass loading capacity, and it’s function of fine adjustment for flatness can meet client’s contract job, optionally it is able to have pneumatic clamp and loading&unloading device for convenience.

fiber laser cnc machine body

Simple and efficient receiving device: the bottom of cutting bed is designed to three U-shaped funnel-shaped devices, which is suitable for the slipping cutting materials parts, and three drawer receiving boxes can completely receive materials so as to simplify the receiving process.

CNC fiber laser machine details
CNC fiber laser cutting machine

The oil pump will lubricate the whole movement system, X,Y axis ball screw, linear guide 17 pivots directly, to ensure smooth movement of mechanical components, extending it’s life, save time by point lubrication

During Fiber laser cutting process, the assistant gas has the function to prevent lens contamination, combustion cut/prevent cut surface O2, blowing slag and etc., according to different cutting process should use different source and different gas pressures, we have design the three gas source fair,O2 N2, dual pressure(low-piercing, high-pressure cutting) gas processing effective solution to the customer frequent replacement of the gas problem, all of the gas changing will automatically realized by the software, saving time and effort.

Advanced and professional CNC laser system, The system responds quickly, and it deals with program shortly. It enjoys high anti-jamming capability as well as high control accuracy. Equipped with CNC servo system, it steadily controls the operation. Besides, it’s well capable of auto-diagnosis, self-adaptability and antivirus protection.

cnc fiber laser software