Purchase Service

The followings steps ensure you quality service

Step1-Sourcing and Visit Factory

Step2-Build a Formal Quotation

Step3-Provide Sample

Step4-Execute Order





Sourcing product by your request, after found out an acceptable product, we will visit this vendor and examine factory’s capability:

Lencense- Is the factory legal licensed and for international trade

Registered Capital- Does the company have sufficient operation capital

Employee-Does the company have sufficient worker

Export History-Does the company have experience of exporting

Factory Condition-Is it professionally operation and sufficiently equipped

Factory Certification-ISO UL ETL, FDA, CE etc..

●Step2-Build a Formal Quotation

If the factory meets the requirement, the formal quotation will be offered in English.

Product detail information-Picture, Material, Packaging, Product and Package Size, Capacity of a container. etc.

Payment Term

Lead time.

●Step3-Provide Sample

After Quotation was accepted by you, samples will be offered and kept in our office.

●Step4-Execute Order

After received order from you, our office will build a contract with vendor that ensures legal enforcement of agreements based on client’s order.


Our company will examine the product both in processing and loading. Digital photos will be taken and offered to you, as well as detailed Inspection Report.


According to your desired Arrival date, our company arrange shipment

Inspect loading process and ensure the product is loaded in good order and not damaged

Count the amount of goods that have been loaded into container

Seal container

Tracking cargo at every stage of the journey

Sent all required documents by DHL within 7day from On Board date.