steel tube cutting and bevel

There are two cutting model for the steel tube cutting, laser cutting and plasma/OXY-Fuel cutting, the laser cutting precision will be better than plasma cutting, but the price of machine will be much expensive, some industry having not high demands about the final work, the steel tube plamsa cutting machine will be more suitable.

But if you want the beveling machine, you had to use the plasma/oxy fuel cnc cutting machine, and you need understand the axis of plasma cutting machine

◆Work piece axis of rotation(X)

◆Cutting the first work piece along the axis of axial movement(Y)

◆Cutting torch along the axial swing axis work piece (Z)

◆Cutting torch along the work piece swing radial axis (W)

◆Cutting the first spindle axis vertical take-off and landing (U)

◆Cutting nozzle strength out and draw back axis (V)

.Angle of bevel: plasma cutting±45°(adjustable);flame cutting:±60°(adjustable)